Stick gathering at the park (…more fun than I expected!)

This weekend, the weather is going to be beautiful (60’s and 70’s) which makes me dream of gardens!

I was looking for garden inspiration when I came across a cool blog with a great idea…growing beans on a tepee made of sticks. This blog post explained how to grow and harvest black beans (yum!)

I figure we could build the tepees this weekend – but we would need to gather the sticks beforehand… As in today!

We drove to a park nearby that is filled with gigantic old trees that drop branches frequently. We were able to gather quite few sticks…


While we were picking up sticks, we couldn’t help but marvel at the enormous trees from which they fell!

Everyone picked a tree that they thought was the monsterous and they worked together to measure it with a tape measure.

The results:

4th place – 11.5 feet around the trunk

3rd place- 12.5 feet around

2nd place – 13 feet and 10 inches

1st place at exactly 14 feet around!

After congratulating the winning tree on being the official monster tree of the park we loaded the sticks into the van.
We had them crisscrossed throughout the car –

Once we got the sticks home, they were taken back to the garden.

Andre, however, couldn’t help building with the sticks – he’s making a house!

He is even experimenting with mud as a bonding agent!

… I think we are going to be needing more sticks – LOL!

Good thing gathering sticks was so much fun 😊



  1. 5cheekymonkeys

    What an awesome idea!!!! Love it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! Hopefully I will be posting finished tepees after this weekend!


      • 5cheekymonkeys

        Can’t wait to see them!

        Liked by 2 people

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