Sinkholes are way fun

We visited a very interesting city park today… and was given a personal tour!

If you live near or around St. Louis – visit the Website! That was how I found out about Urban Park Tours!

This amazing woman walked my family through the park (in the freezing rain) and helped us identify geological features, birds, and trees.  We had so much fun exploring!

Anyway… Back to those sinkholes…

Since Missouri has underground streams and caves, sinkholes are actually quite common! I guess I never paid attention to the landscape to have ever noticed one!

From afar, the sinkholes look like an inverted hill.

  Once the kids ran down, they immediately found holes to insert their lower torsos into –  LOL!

They were afraid animals might be lurking inside the holes, so there was much screaming and laughter taking place πŸ˜‚

Thank goodness for washing machines!

After the sinkholes there was still much to be explored within the park.

We found a small natural spring and could see where the water began to come out of the ground. We followed it a short way to where it seeped into the ground and became an underground stream.

Some trees that we identified are Sycamore, Red Cedar,  Persimmo(can’t watt to try a persimmon fruit!), and Shaggy-Bark Hickory.

Some trees we just called MONSTER TREES!

We picked seeds and leaves and nuts off the ground to smell and compare them.

 We were so entertained by the wild outdoors that no one asked to play on the plastic/metal playground!

They did, however, want to pose with the metal statue of children.

❄️Our fingers and toes were numb with cold by the end of our adventure!❄️

Everyone’s clothes were filthy and wet…


Everyone was BEGGING to come back to this awesome amazing WILD park!


When we got home, the kids were given the open-ended assignment of creating a book about what they learned at the park.

This is their book – they did a great job πŸ“–

Wild Family Facebook page 🌸



  1. What an awesome day you all had!

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  2. What a fun day! I bet they retain all that information better than if they had read it in a book. I love that kind of learning.

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    • Oh! You’re Homeschooling! I home-schooled each of my children for a bit when they were school age. Long stories with both I won’t get into, but I’m teaching #1 Grandson now. Although he hasn’t got a clue that’s what’s going on. He’s 3. I take care of him full time while my daughter and his dad are at work.

      I need to start working on writing the Alphabet letters, and get my supplies laid in. He has to be in the mood to color or paint, so I’m kind of dreading daily writing practice. We’ll see how it goes. I may unschool him with that and let him lead. He loves to read, sing, and explore so teaching him almost everything is easy. πŸ™‚

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      • Homeschooling can be such a best experience! That’s neat that you had a chance to homeschool your children for a bit! Enjoy the time with your grandson 😊 I’m sure you’ll find a good fit for you both in how to teach him!

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    • They absolutely loved that hike! They quote the guide often and are constantly looking for sinkholes!

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  3. My dad used to take me on nature walks… no sinkholes, though! I know they loved it and will do the same when they have short people of their own.

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  4. My dad took me. I took my son. He takes my grandchildren! The best memories.

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  5. Looks like a fabulous day for all! Nothing like the great outdoors for fun, learning and getting dirty! πŸ˜‰

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  6. sinkholes scare me! We had a sinkhole in a MN park here and some kids died. Glad the sinkholes where you were didn’t do that. Looks like fun was had! What great memories.

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