planting the fall garden (and using worksheets as a weed barrier)

Ideally, I would like to grow my garden from seeds… however, not this year 🙂

So… I bought a flat of cool-weather salad greens.

Then… the kid’s planted them all!

(it’s funny, I really enjoy gardening and getting my hands dirty – but so do the kids, which means I mostly supervise while they do all the fun stuff!!)

Once, all the plants were planted – it was time to put down a weed barrier!

I got out a huge stack of worksheets…

(I’m implementing a more unschooling approach this year and so worksheets are not necessary!)

The kids cheered as they ripped the schoolwork and laid it down between the plants.

The paper-barrier is not very attractive (LOL) – but I think it’s going to work!

We get junk mail almost everyday, so when we water the garden, we can fill in the gaps with it.

I suppose now, we just water, weed, and wait…

(I still need to plant some cauliflower, but then, I am just going to work on managing these plants!)


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