Overcoming my fear of children and water

My biggest all time fear has been children and water! The fear of my kids drowning has kept me away from bodies of water larger then puddles.  We have gone out on ponds and small lakes before- but not without life jackets and lots of anxiety!

…however all my kids can swim and the fear is no longer a rational concern! If they fall into a pond or even a lake…. They won’t drown, they will just get wet!

To become truely a wild family, we can’t fear the water! Getting wet and muddy is okay – falling into water is okay too!

So… Today, after church, I decided to conquer my fear!  We went  to the local fishing pond and walked on the pond’s edge!

I even put on my rain boots to ensure that I too would get close enough to the water to get my feet wet!

At first, the kids were cautious and worried – and then… after a little coaxing…

…shoes started getting wet and sticks were found – then rocks were skipped and frogs were chased!


I know that it looks like normal child’s play but it’s not something I’d normally let them do… But that’s in the past!

Eventually… We will be barefoot and In the water catching minnows 🐟

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