Becoming Wild

Just yesterday, I began reading a book that has already inspired and motivated me to change and create new family habits.

This book is called “How to Raise a Wild Child: The Art and Science of Falling in Love with Nature“.

The title itself is simply thought-provoking!

It reminds me of last year when my kids would climb the back trees and play “Wild Kids”.  I don’t really know the rules of the game except that they would ask for food to eat in the trees (which was usually bananas).  I was just happy that they would spend hours outside playing together!


Lately, I have felt a need to be outside more with the kids, interact with nature better, learn about our land (local plants and animals), and become one with the great outdoors.

But how?  The teacher in me wants to have a lesson, or at least an agenda with each excursion to the park.  I feel we should be learning facts and taking notes and data…blah…

This book is teaching me to let go of structured learning and enjoy the world WITH my kids.  I’m looking forward to the chapters about mentoring children (versus teaching).

So, anyway, yesterday I read a few pages and felt a rekindled calling to get outside with the kids!

So, despite a faint drizzle, my husband and I packed the kids into the car and drove to a state park about 10 miles away!

…and boy did we have fun becoming wild!

We all had honeysuckle for the first time! Yummy😋 

We even found a fallen bee hive that smelled like honey 🐝 

This blog is a journal for our journey into nature and becoming a wild family 💚

The best way to become a wild family is to step into the wild (almost) everyday. I’m so excited to see how our attitudes and behaviors change as time goes on!

Follow our journey and be inspired and motivated! 🌸


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